We’ll do everything we can to serve your organization’s fund raising needs. We will become your fundraising partner in the process… exceeding your fundraising goal.. monitoring the implementation of your multi-year program.. sharing best practices from our client organization’s.. making sure all the money comes in as promised.. responding to any and every problem that may arise over the term of your program. To put it simply, we deliver on every promise.

How much can we raise?2019-04-22T14:22:28-04:00

The answer depends on your organizations goals and objectives and your community’s perception of your plan. The feasibility analysis that we conduct will help answer that specifically.

How are you compensated?2019-04-22T14:22:15-04:00

First Community Development (FCD) receives a fixed monthly professional fee for developing your organization’s new Strategic Plan and for conducting the Feasibility Analysis. FCD also receives a fixed monthly management fee during the campaign rather than a percentage of funds raised. However, First Community annually tracks its professional fee as a ratio of funds raised for its client organizations. While the national average for professional campaign management fee is 35% of funds raised, FCD has consistently provided professional campaign management at a ratio of 7% to 8% of funds raised.

What is the role of the client organization during the campaign?2019-04-22T14:23:52-04:00

Involvement of the clients staff will be minimal. They’ll be asked to attend major campaign events and generally assist the campaign office with advice and direction. FCD will manage all of the day-to-day operations of the campaign throughout the entire project.

Who will make the solicitation calls?2019-04-22T14:24:23-04:00

FCD will coordinate all the solicitation calls in your campaign. The resident FCD Campaign Director and Campaign Supervisor will conduct all solicitations with major prospects in partnership with the appropriate volunteer leaders.

How often do you achieve the goal?2019-04-22T14:24:43-04:00

First Community Development has successfully exceeded its goals in 93% of the campaigns we have conducted. In the other 7% of the campaigns we have raised an average 90% of the goal.