When you hire First Community Development, you’re receiving on-site professional management that will ensure your campaign achieves the results you need and deserve. You aren’t hiring a consultant – you’re hiring a fundraiser.

When FCD directs your campaign:
  • You can expect to reach your goal — 90% of all FCD campaigns have either reached or exceeded their goals!

  • You can expect your campaign to finish on time — from start to finish a standard campaign will last up to nine months.

  • You can expect your campaign management cost not to exceed the fixed fees we quote up front — on the average, FCD’s fees will be approximately 7-9% of the amount raised.

  • You can expect a full-time, professional FCD campaign manager on site daily to manage every aspect of the campaign.

  • You can expect the expert counsel of the FCD senior management team.

  • You can expect the involvement of the top corporate and community leaders in your area on behalf of your organization and campaign.

  • You can expect that your campaign will receive the full attention of the FCD team every day of the campaign.

First Community Development’s campaign executives are trained in every aspect of campaign management and will oversee all campaign-related activities. They will direct the day-to-day activities of the campaign, guiding and leading the volunteers from your organization in a carefully orchestrated, time-tested format for fundraising success.

In short, the arrival of an FCD campaign executive signals the beginning of a successful partnership between FCD and your organization. A partnership that will last well beyond the achievement of your campaign goal.