Our Three Step Process to Funding your Vision

Strategic Planning

A customized strategic plan is the cornerstone of a successful funding campaign.

First Community Development will work closely with your organization’s leadership and staff to ensure the Plan reflects input from a wide range of corporate and community leaders in your area. This creates a strong sense of ownership for the Plan, resulting in a high level of confidence that the Plan addresses all community concerns, and a commitment to see it succeed.

The finalized Plan is a cohesive document that includes:

  • A clear statement of the challenges facing your community

  • Action plans and measurable deliverables to address those challenges

  • Costs associated with implementing each component of the Plan

Feasibility Analysis

Superior research means superior results.

A comprehensive Feasibility Analysis allows First Community Development to examine significant factors important to your initiative, enabling us to gauge community support for your campaign. Over a six-to-eight-week period, a team of FCD professionals conducts 50-75 confidential, face-to-face interviews with respected business leaders in your area to assess every aspect of the Strategic Plan. The Feasibility Analysis will provide the needed data to make a “Go/No-Go” decision about your campaign.

With a Feasibility Analysis, we ask:

  • Is the campaign goal realistic?

  • Who should be considered for volunteer leadership in the initiative?

  • How should the campaign be organized?

  • What level of support can the client organization anticipate from the corporate community?

  • Should the strategic plan be revised to bring it in line with public opinion?

  • What factors affect the campaign either positively or negatively?

  • Are any other community events or programs in direct conflict with the initiative?

Campaign Management

Let us put our 100+ years of campaign experience to work for you.

Campaign management is an FCD hallmark. Our unique campaign structure and onsite professional management ensure you obtain your goal on time and under budget. In 25 plus years of business, First Community Development has raised more than $250M for organizations like yours.

When FCD directs your campaign:

  • You can expect to reach your goal — 92% of all FCD campaigns have reached or exceeded their goals!

  • You can expect your campaign to finish on time

  • You can expect your campaign management cost/fees not to exceed the fixed fees we quote up front — on the average, FCD’s fees will be approximately 7-9% of the amount raised.

  • You can expect a full-time, professional FCD campaign director onsite to manage every aspect of the campaign.

  • You can expect the expert counsel of FCD’s senior management team.

  • You can expect the involvement of the top corporate and community leaders in your area on behalf of your organization and campaign.

  • You can expect to keep your day job!  We’re going to do the fundraising, so you can focus on your organization’s success.

In short, the arrival of an FCD campaign director signals the beginning of a successful partnership between FCD and your organization.