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The Grow Campaign

First Community Development facilitated an in-depth Strategic Planning process to shape the Greensboro Chamber’s next five-year economic development strategy. The strategic planning taskforce engaged more than 120 corporate leaders from the Greensboro area. Then, through the feedback garnered from 86 Feasibility interviewees, FCD developed a Plan of Campaign uniquely shaped to meet the needs of the Greensboro Chamber, and best engage prospective investors.  

The Plan of Campaign included key leadership enlistments that would help to ensure the campaign’s success, a timeline for campaign execution, and an initial list of campaign volunteer team members.  With the volunteer engagement of more than 80 corporate leaders, the GROW Campaign engaged more than 310 prospects in face-to-face solicitations, ultimately exceeding the campaign goal of $10M.  

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Project Details


Greensboro, NC 


562,953 (Guilford County)


$10 Million

Total Raised