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One Sumter

In February, 2014, the ASPDA engaged First Community Development (FCD) to conduct Strategic Planning and Feasibility Analysis. FCD, with assistance from ASPDA’s leadership, enlisted a 46-person Strategic Planning Task Force to identify the pressing needs for the community over the next five-years. The Task Force then developed an actionable Strategic Plan to address those issues that were within the ASPDA’s mission: Economic Development, Workforce Development Transportation and Marketing / Communications. The Feasibility Analysis confirmed a feasible goal of $2M. 

Under management of FCD’s on-site Project Director, the One Sumter campaign identified more than 200 prospective investors, and engaged 36 volunteers to work in concert with the Project Director to solicit investments. When it concluded in June, 2015, the One Sumter campaign raised $2,174M, exceeding the campaign goal by 8%.  

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Sumter County, GA





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